About this Blog

Hello there!

I love writing, especially about the sciences and the arts. While still in secondary school I kept a science journal and filled it with short notes on recent scientific findings and papers of note that appeared on the internet. None of my many notes have ever been published though I did write once for the 365 days of astronomy podcast back in 2009.

As is to be expected, with time things changed. I stopped filling the journal upon entering medical school but the urge to scribble is still there. Medical school gave me every reason to seek an outlet so I decided to write blogs. This is refreshing compared to old-fashioned book journals because now I had an audience to write to no matter how small! This satisfied my psychology more than writing to myself.

My first blog is a journal I keep on the recent Mars rover mission Curiosity but I have decided to dabble once again in a little independent journalism by opening this blog (but not before a few false starts). I have titled it ‘The Knowledge Harvester’ because that is basically what we have always been doing as a species. We seek knowledge in many forms and for different applications. More so in this present era of the ‘knowledge economy’, we are being powered by the knowledge of billions.

I use the word ’Harvest’ because over time, our knowledge seeking routines as a species have become more refined and objective and we have used the new found knowledge to seek even more knowledge. We have made it into a sort of art in and of itself. And the present world that we live in, with all its new risks, problems and advantages, is evidence as to our system‘s power. 

With this blog I wish to chronicle our roles as knowledge harvesters. To see how we have fared in the past, what we see in the present and chart our way into the future in pursuit of a more perfect form of existence. It is also an expression of my deepest conviction that education is the most important gift one could ever bestow on people.

I hope you enjoy some of my articles in this little habit of mine and if you do, please be sure to share this blog with your friends and family on the various social media channels.


Abraham Samma

Medical Student